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date:16 APRIL 05

IRC 2005 "Express, No-Code Tech Ham Class.
Congratulations !

The Scottish Rite Catherdal & Indianapolis Radio Club co-sponsored
the 2005 April Express ham class..It was held at the Scotish Rite Catherdal 
on April 11th,13th & 15th and testing on the 16th in the same facility. 
Testing was completed by the Indy RedCross
VE team coordinated by Gale- AA9WU;


Don Marcum-WD9DWN,Class organizer;
Don Hemenover-N9DOO-Instructor;Ray-New HAM!;
Bob Begeman-W9KVK-Instructor; Garry-New HAM!;
Karl-New HAM!; Greg- New HAM!& Freddie-New HAM!.

Class with new Ham "I passed certificates!"

Chuck Crist-W9IH-Instructor (Center Front)



First IRC 2004 "Express, No-Code Tech Ham Class.
Congratulations !


Welcome to the (5) New Techinican Class Hams that endured
the rigors of the first IRC sponsored Express ham class.
The class was held at the ITC facilities during the week of
April 26-30,2004. Testing was completed by the RedCross
VE team coordinated by Gale- AA9WU;



Special thanks to the Team for comming to our facility
and providing the Test.

First Contact Party for the New Hams was held at the ITC facility on May 10th ,2004.
during the 1& 1/2 Hr session the new hams made contacts with local hams on 2meter,
440 mhz repeaters and some HF 20 meters contacts with georgia hams.

The 1st contact party helps the new hams get accquainted with the real world of
ham radio and operational procedures on the air with some mentoring...

New hams with their IRC 1st contact certificates, (L-R); Patrick-KC9GAB,
Robert-KC8ZQV,Michelle-KE7ARE,(Kim-KC9GAC & Shane-KC9GAD not shown).

Special thanks to the entire IRC Express Ham Class instructor staff;
Don-N9DOO, Dennis-W9CYU, Chuck-W9IH, Don-KB9EQC & Travor-N9YM..

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