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Looking for twenty one radio amateurs to assist with Owen-Putnam State Forest 50/50

The event will be held Saturday March 21, 2020.

The Owen-Putnam State Forest (OPSF) 50/50 has been described as the “toughest 50 mile, 50 Kilometer or 14 mile run in Indiana” with over a 6500 foot elevation gain over 50 miles.

Over the years amateur radio has played an important role, during the run, assisting the organizers by relaying runner check ins to Start/Finish and Aid Stations. Also reporting any Aid Station needs, such as low supplies, runner assistance (injury and/or runner dropping or changing race selection, such as 50 K to 50 M) and any other critical information.

There will be two aid stations and the start finish line to be covered by two amateur radio volunteers. Each location will be held in three sessions, 06:30 to 12:30, 12:00 to 17:00 and 16:30 to the end of the race. First to volunteer get their choice of session.

Communications will take place on 146.58 MHz simplex. Hand held and/or mobile equipment can be used. Both the start/finish line and Aid station B allow our vehicles very near the aid stations. Aid Station A however is located on a small hill from the parking area and will require walking to the station.

The OPSF 50/50 runs through beautiful and rugged Owen-Putnam State Forest and there will be mud! Three years ago, the OPSF 5050 was run in 50 degree dry weather, two years ago it was completed during the second worst one day snow total for that date in March and last year cooperated better with us.

Meals are furnished and you will return home with a snazzy shirt!

OPSF Amateur Radio Manual www.owencountyara.org Click on “OPSF 50 50 Run” button and then “2020 Owen Putnam State Forrest Amateur Radio Manual” link.

For more information or to sign up, contact Jim Baughn K9EOH home phone 812 828 9086, cell phone 812 585 1385 or e-mail jim@k9eoh.com


Central Indiana Repeater Association News

News about the severe weather repeater!

146.16/76 Repeater is a Yaesu Fusion machine (tone of 151.4 open repeater at present)

The antenna is at 21st and Post Road in Indianapolis at 340 feet running 25 watts out of the duplexer.

For analog radios set the tone squelch to 151.4.

Also the 443.75 is a fusion repeater with 100 Hertz also has a WiresX "Americas Room" connection.

See membership form below to help support the repeater

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Marion Co. Severe Weather
Amateur Nets
PRIMARY Frequency:
146.760 Rec. 146.160 Trans. (tone of 151.4 open repeater at present)

Backup Frequency:
146.700 Rec. 146.100 Trans.

70CM Frequency down-linked to 2M.
443.250 Rec. 448.250 Trans*
*requires100.0 Hz tone to down link.


IPL Radio CLub repeater W9IPL

News about the State RACES and WW2IND USS Indianapolis Memorial Station talk in repeater!

146.07/67 Repeater is a Yaesu Fusion machine (tone of 88.5 open repeater at present)

The antenna is at 4190 South Harding Street at 380 feet running 25 watts out of the duplexer.

For analog radios set the tone squelch to 88.5.



WW2IND station location Indiana War Memorial 55E Michigan St,Indianapolis, IN, 46204


QSL policy…  Include your QSL card & SASE to WW2IND, 6041 Copeland Ct., Indpls. IN 46221-4523

The USS Indianapolis (CA35) Amateur Radio Station welcomes anyone wishing to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of an association of persons commonly interested in World Museum Ships on the air event participation, other Ships/Associated On the Air (OTA) events and Amateur Radio.

The purpose of the USS Indianapolis Amateur Radio Station (WW2IND) Club;  shall be to further the exchange of information and cooperation between all interested in these goals and to Promote: the World Museum Ships on the air event participation, while continuing support of the USS Indianapolis Survivors association, the Indianapolis World War memorial, and the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) exhibits.

CA-35 Museum ship operations are conducted from the U.S.S. Indianapolis Memorial, located in the Indiana War Memorial museum on downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

The outdoor monument, which can be viewed anytime, was designated a National Memorial by an act of Congress in 1995.

Indianapolis Memorial station operates during Museum Ships during 1st Weekend June each year on Amateur radio frequencies.

Sponsoring local groups: The local Indianapolis area amateur radio operators, and Indianapolis Radio Club,

For more information, follow these links:

The  Indiana War Memorial Info can be found on www.IN..gov/iwm

Museum Ships Weekend:  http://www.nj2bb.org/museum/index.html

By C.W. Crist - W9IH