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7) Kenwood Twins T599 & R599 HF Transmitter and Receiver Pair $225 (Condition Clean)
100W CW/SSB/AM, Bands:1.8-2.3, 3.5-4.0, 7-7.5, 14-14.5, 21-21.5 and 28-29.7 MHz plus WWV at 10 MHz on the receiver (no WARC Bands). Modes: AM, CW, LSB & USB. Hybrid Transistors with 12BY7 driver and a pair of 6146 finals
They can operate in transceive using either the transmitter or receiver VFO or split using both VFOs.
This would be a great pair of radios to start a amateur radio collection. It was one of the first Kenwood /Trio HF amateur radio sold in the USA. Kenwood had made radios for both Allied and Lafayette Radio. The performance is in the Drake R4B/C and T4XB/C class.
Radio can be checked out at the IVY Tech/IRC Club Station ( Money goes to IRC)
Contact: Jace Thompson, KD9BIG or Jim Rinehart, K9RU

11) ICOM 7600 for sale by W9KY $1600.00 cash sale

IRC sales - contact Jim Rinehart for items 15 thru 23

15. National NCL-2000 Linear Amplifier (very clean) $550

17. Mosely TA33 Tribander $75

19. Jetstream 2 position coax switch (new in box) $10

23. Mosley TA-33 Tribander with 40M extension kit  $100 Contact: Jay Kraus, W9TC  Phone 317 505-4894 email:

24. ALPHA 89 Linear Amplifier  $2500 Contact: Jay Kraus, W9TC  Phone 317 505-4894 email:

25. National NCL-2000 Linear amp $500 80-10 meters 1000 watts out plus. Pair of RCA 8122 tetrodes Input drive selectable 20W or 100W (either will drive the amp to full output) This amplifier was donated to the Indianapolis Radio Club and I have checked it out and I am currently using it with my SB-104A. Jim Rinehart K9RU e-mail: Ph: 317 721-1458










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