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October "2nd HF Mobile Antenna Shoot-out "(WB9DKL).

Sept. "IWM Visit & USS Indy tour! "Chuck-W9IH & Dave-K9RTT".

02 August "K9OOA Swapfest review & PIX ".

June "Club Equip. Auction! "Chuck-W9IH & Dave-K9RTT".

April "IN QSO Party & Contesting! "Mark Music-WB9CIF".

February "LEGACY Radio! "Dave-K9RTT, Jim-K9RU & Bob-W9KVK".

January "IN-DHS Emergency Communications! "Don West-w9dew". & Chilli Cook Off!!


Misc. topics

19 Sept.     "3rd IRC Hilltop OTA event".

27-28 June "FIELD DAY OTA Event review & PIX ".

5-7th June "USS Indianapolis "radio"/Ships OTA Event review ".

Feb "From 1949 Amateur radio handbook"QRRR is "SOS"on land!..tnx ED-N9IZN.JPG-48k

Jan "Home Brew W9MA "SparkGap CW Key" 1920's from Pat-W9GTA.PIC only




December dinner "Indiana War Museum! "-IWM Exec Dir. Gen Stewart Goodwin"

November "SDR Radio-Flex Radio! "-Hank - K9LZJ. & Club Elections

October "2nd HF Mobile Antenna Shoot-out "(WB9DKL).

02 August "K9OOA Swapfest review & PIX ".

June "Club Equipment auction! "-W9IH.

May "Antenna Building & RFI problems "(W9RE/K9XV, K9LZJ & KC9KZM/W9IH) Three Presentations.

April "Home Brew ham radio "(WB9LPU).


Misc. topics

20 Sept.     "2nd IRC Hilltop OTA event".

12 July   "Indy HF review & PIX ".

28-29 June "FIELD DAY OTA Event review & PIX ".

08 June "USS Indianapolis /Ships OTA Event review ".

17 May "Bus trip Dayton Hamfest ".

April "ATT U-Verse RFI and Ham radio HF operations "(W9IH/KC9KZM)& (W8RJ).15 dec 2008




October "1st HF Mobile Antenna Shoot-out "(WB9DKL).

04 August "Broad Ripple Swapfest -K9OOA ".

Misc. topics

17 NOV " Bill - WY9T receives Indiana IRCC Amateur of the year AWARD " at FtWayne IN HF! ".

05-15 Novenber "Atlantic Ocean DX with Jerry -KC9DTB ".

8-10 June "USS Indianapolis /Ships OTA Event review ".

28 April     "1st IRC Hilltop OTA event".

19 May     "IRC bus trip to Dayton Hamfest ".





December annual dinner meeting... ! Presented By;John Isley

October "Indiana Department of Homeland Security"... ! Presented By;Bob Demuth

05 AUG. 06 "Broad Ripple Swapfest -K9OOA ".

Misc. topics

08 July 06 "Indianapolis Hamfest (IHF)...Camp Sertoma ".

17 Jun 06 "ITC/IRC Kidsday demo ".

11 Jun 06 "ITC/IRC Youth ham ATV demo ".

20 May 06 "Dayton Hamfest Bus trip ".

12 May 06 "Gary - K9SG.. IRC presentation on DXpedition to Perter One ".





December "Australian Medical Trip"... ! Presented By;Dr. Gary Stouder-K9SG

November "Software Defined Radio"... ! Presented By;Hank-K9LZJ & Mike K9JRI

October "Ham Radio Micro Wave (10 Ghz contacts)"... ! Presented By;Dave-K9RTT & Jim-K9RU

September "Ham Radio Astronomy"... ! Presented By;Malcolm- WA9BVS

August "K9OOA Swapfest & IRC Picnic"... ! Hosted By; Joe & Betty Lobraico

June "IRC Auction"... ! Presented By; Wes - N9AJM club Auctioneer

May "Robotics Today"... ! Presented By;Dan Daly- KE9Y

April "Ham HF station Remote control"... ! Presented By;Hank Wolfa-K9LZJ

March "Lightning Protection"... Presented By;Mike Koss-W9SU

February "Packet Radio Today"... ! Presented By;Jerry Kutche (N9LYA)

January "Linux & Ham radio"... Presented By;Tom-WB9UNG & Brian-KC9GSA


Misc. topics

19 NOV 05 "Ed - N9IZN receives IRCC AWARD at FtWayne HF! ".

19 NOV 05 "IRC BUS trip to FtWayne HamFest! ".

15OCT 05 "BSA JOTA event 2005 at W9IMS ".

24JULY05 "USS Indianapolis 60th reunion event 2005".

16JULY05 "USS Indianapolis on the Air for Museum Ships event 2005".

16JULY05 "USS Indianapolis on the Air ;by Bob-W9PSE".

JUNE05 "Renew Ham License on line-FCC ;by Bob-W9PSE".

05JUN05 "Mike-WB9QEW radio donation to ITC".

28MAY05 "IRC/ITC Express ham class".

21MAY05 "IRC Dayton Hamfest Bus Trip".more info

14JAN05 "Lunch with Buert-W9WVO".

29MAR05 "KT9M, Multi-multi team for CQ WPX contest "
01JAN05..New IRC club dues effective!.


December "Indiana Native American history"... ! Presented By;Sharon Oliver from Eiteljorg

November "Broadband Data over Power Lines"... ! Presented By; Mike Sercer - WA9FDO

October "Selecting Ham radio Gear"... ! Presented By; Tom Chance - K9XV

September "My 60 years of HAM radio"... ! Presented By; Ron Williams - W9YZ

August "Picnic 2004 info & PIX at Joe's-K9OOA

June "IRC Auction"... ! Presented By; Wes - N9AJM club Auctioneer

May "Digital Broadcasting"... ! Presented By; R.J. Barmore-KB9GKX TV ch 13 Engineer

April "New digital mode for PSK "... ! Presented By; Hank -K9LZJ & Mike- K9JRI

March _ Taka Nakayama- KW6I & John Deegan-K9XT _ Presentation on ""AOR HF Digital Voice systems (aor9800)"

February _ Dr. Gary Stouder _K9SG for his Presentation on "DXpedition to Curacao Island: Venezuela"

January _ IRC January Meeting 2004; ISP Microwave/Repeater system


link _ AOR 9800 Digital voice modem system..Club program 12 March 2004

link _ PORTAPOLE Mast systems..

Vintage Radio Restoration / Operation _ By.. Roger Lowary-W9BZ..May2004

Hammond Radio Museum _ By..W9IH..June 2004

W9IMS Special event _ By..W9IH..July 2004





October _ CW Key builder Rich Meiss WB9LPU

December _ IRC Christmas Dinner Meeting 2003

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