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last updated:10 NOV 2008


Operated class 2A IN HF, plus 6m/2m (W9JP) with GOTA (W9RCA) interest Stations.

ARRL official scoring...W9JP club, 2nd place, Indiana, Class 2A.. 6122 points total

Approximately (45) Hams and non-hams attended the 29 hour long Emergency
Preparedness "FIELD DAY" exercise, cook out and Ham radio newcomer
introduction event at the Indianapolis South-east side Marion County
Fairgrounds. The first sponsored by The Indianapolis Radio club and
co-sponsors since 1992.!
Planning included something for every one from CW to 2m SSB Phone an
food accompanying lots of Ham radio conversation.

Weather : no issue on set-up or take down; but Sunday morning (3am)
thunderstorms did cause operation stoppage for a short time.


Saturday afternoons special highlight was the
presentation by Indianapolis Mayor staff
to the Filed Day group of a Proclamation
declaring this Ham radio Preparedness day
in INDY.
(Accepted by Event Organizer
Tom Chance K9XV -IRC President).


This group set up two HF, IC756II radio stations ,
One GOTA IC756II and One IC746pro 6m-2meter
station all running 100 watts. Each operating
station had its own separate antenna system and
computer logging system. (new to some old hams!)
all gas generator powered.


Highlighting the 29 hour long event was the Saturday evening "cookout"
featuring what all Ham radio operators like to eat… (wide variety of food,
including Hamburgers & Hot dogs cooked on the grill.)..   


This Amateur radio operator group made approximately 2200 contacts
6000+ points) with other hams in the USA & Canada, while participating in

annual / national ARRL on the air (OTA) event.


Special Thanks to the Indianapolis
MARION COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS & FAIR BOARD for sponsoring this local
participation in the ARRL national FIELD DAY event.

Here are a few event pictures:

(1)GOTA 80-10m Inverted VEE on 33 ft stackable-poles:.(SE field from 4-H stage).

Who's got the Hammer????

(2)40m Dipole/50 ft push-up:.(west side of 4-H Bldg).

Ladder, Wrench & Bracket..????

N9IZN Homebrew bracket's do the trick!..

(3)20m-10-15-20m dipole + 80m Inverted VEE/50 ft push-up:..

How tall is 50 feet..????

Has anyone checked the WEATHER??

(4)6 & 2m BEAMS on 25 ft stackable-poles + rotor:..

you put the ROTOR; WHERE????

Campers "Canvas Condos":..

KB9ZLG, K9GZR, WB9FIK & WA9VBG shown; there were (10) total overniters including the (3) RVS..


"Master chef" Pete -W0VLL

MAYORS visit!:..JUNE 28-29 2008 Ham radio Emergency Preparedness day for Indianapolis.

CH 6 TV:.. "Thanks to TV Channel 6 for the PR coverage an interest in our Field Day!"

Salvation Army & Jugs Catering!:..(Not planned But very welcome ) Surprise!..Saturday's snacks & drinks!!!

Saturday's Hot Lunch!!!

"I remember back when!"????

"Coffee & Breakfast Sunday Morning...Great!

Other Operator PIX.. Our group operated only (4) stations for the entire Field Day event. 2A-IN class with
20-15-10/80m & 40 meters HF (100 watts); GOTA on 80-10m at 50 watts plus 6m & 2m at 100 Watts on beam antennas.
CW Ops were very welcome this year, producing great results on 20 & 40 meters.
ON-AIR OPS 20-15-10 & 80 meter:..

Sation #2!!!

ON-AIR OPS 40 meter:.. Sation #1!!!

ON-AIR GOTA :.. Bob,Jeff & Chuck...

ON-AIR 6 & 2 meter:.. Mike-KC9DSI


"Now That's a Field DAY!"-WB9FIK

"planners !!"

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