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W9JP trustee history
  • Current IRC Chief Operator: Steve Wendt - ..EMAIL KB9RDS

  • contact IRC Chief OP, with any questions about W9JP Operations.

    The Ham room is located in the west end of the Indianapolis Training Center building on the main floor.

    2008 (FEB)room re-construction:

    Roof antennas changed to "WINDOM 80-10M"... the A3S-40"beam" & 2m-440 vertical remain same.

    1994 to 2008 room construction:


    W9JP Trustee's Past & Present

    HF radio
  • Yaesu FT-990 HF , 120 watt Transceiver + station speaker & Mic.
  • Kenwood (twins) R599-D & T599-D with matching speaker & Station desk Mic.(Donated by WB9QEW)
  • MFJ Versa II tuner Model #949E- Cross needle meter 300watt HF 160-10m (W9IH).

  • VHF / UHF radios
  • Kenwood TM-241, 2m FM Transceiver; 45 watts + Mic.
  • Alinco DR-435T , 440 Mhz FM Transceiver; 45 watts + Mic. . {new Mar 2004}
  • 442.85 /R (pl 100hz) repeater
    Located at the roof level of the ITC; KB9UZW repeater.
    it is maintained by K9XV & WB9PAR.

  • Misc.
  • CW key
  • Headsets
  • KPC-3 Kantronics packet modem
  • PSK/SSTV HF -xcvr interface
  • Rotor control for A4S beam..
  • (2)Pentium PC with monitor
    for PSK,SSTV,APRS & house keeping
  • (2) DC 12 volt power supplies.

  • Antennas
    all station antennas are located on the ITC roof, 14th floor.
    HF antennas have a alpha-delta coaxial antenna switch in line for the (2) separate coax runs the roof location.
    here is a separate coax run for the VHF/UHF roof antenna location.
  • HF 80 & 40 meter dipole
  • HF 10,15,20 & 40 meter Cuscraft A4s beam with rotor
  • VHF/UHF...Vertical dual band base station GP-3

  • Date: 02 June 2005; Special thanks to Mike- WB9QEW for donating our 2nd HF station (Kenwood R599 & T599)
    click here Mike WB9QEW donation photo::

    Future plans:
    Near future plans include the addition of a 2nd PC for APRS full time operation.

  • click here for OPS photo:: click here for More OPS photos:: click here for v/u radios OPS photos

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