2014 Hilltop

The Hilltop contest results.

• Eagle Hill – Marion County ARC – WA9MC
• Weakley Hill – Hendricks County ARC – N9HC
• Cyclone Hill - Jeff Hammer N9NIC
• Eagle Creek Tor – Tom O'Nan N9CXI
• Hoosier Hill – James Stohler KC9YTK
• Weedpatch Hill – Ron Cooper WB9DKL

6TH Place went to Hoosier Hill
5th Place went to Cyclone Hill
4th Place went to Weedpatch Hill
3rd Place went to Eagle Creek Tor
2nd Place went to Eagle Hill
1st Place went to Weakley Hill

  • 2014 Hilltop Rules
  • 2014 Hilltop Reults