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Hilltopper OTA EVENT


last updated:15 June 2007

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IRC hilltop OTA event


Hilltoppers On The Air (OTA) event


Sponsored By; the Indianapolis Radio Club..



1. Objective:

To encourage Amateur radio On The Air (OTA) participation in the Indianapolis and

surrounding areas for the purpose of FUN and meeting on the Amateur frequencies.

To contact as many of the HILL TOP stations as possible.


2. Date and Time Period:

Starts 08:00am & Ends 12:00 Noon; Indianapolis Local time

Apr-28, 2007


3. Entry Categories:

A. Fixed...[any participating station not listed as HILLTOP]

B. Mobile...[any participating station not listed as HILLTOP]

C. Hilltop (all hilltop locations must be pre -registered)

1. Hilltop stations may select hill locations from the list provided or

submit their own for each event. IND hilltop list:

2. Unlisted hilltops must provide:

Hill name , Lat/Long & elevation ; plus Ham call & name

must be registered before the event.IND County / Hills map:PDF format

3. All Hilltop stations shall be listed on the IRC Website prior to the event.

4. No PRE- event existing antenna installation will be consider as a hilltop station

Registered Hilltop Stations:
List Under construction Last update: 25 APR 2007 This Table & Hills map in:PDF file

Hill Name

Ham Call

IN County

Bands (m)


 Independence hill





 Peachtree hill





 Weedpatch hill





 Kelly hill





 Hotel hill




 SSB-6-10-40-80 ;
& FM-2

 Tanager hill





 Mt. M.S.A.





 ICE Hill




 SSB-all + FM 2-6

 Hilderbrand Hill





 Hansen Hill




 CW&SSB-all ;






 Call sign- #'s = possible transmitters at that site



4. Contest Exchange:

Amateur Call + RST + PWR + Hill Name & Elevation (hill station provides elev.)


5. Scoring:

a. (1) one point;(1) for each contact (stations may only be counted ONCE in each MODE,
on Each BAND)

B, ***Tie breaker is total contacts ( Award Plaque)


6. Awards:


A..The registered Hilltop station that contacts the most registered participating hilltop stations will receive an AWARD PLAQUE!.

B. Ties will be determined by highest number of total contacts made during the event.

C. All participating Hilltop stations shall receive a certificate.


All Awards shall be presented at the
Indianapolis Radio Club regular meetings.


FIXED & Mobile :stations;
A.contacting all registered participating hilltop stations ; on TWO (2) or more of the listed Bands, will recieve a Certificate of participation.(must submit a Station Log sheet + an (SASE) 9"x11-1/2" envelope.)

B. an AWARD PLAQUE will presented to the station with the most HILLTOP contacts...


C. Ties will be determined by highest number of total contacts made during the event.


7. Log Submissions:

(all participation logs must be submitted at the NEXT IRC meeting following the HILLTOP OTA event.)Logs must contain Exchange info + Frequency , Mode,Date & Time(UTC)

A. Computer generated logs must be submitted as an ASCII text file

B. Paper logs can be submitted to Ron Cooper-WB9DKL at the IRC meeting., Generic log sheet:PDF file

C. Deadline for each event is the next IRC meeting after the HILLTOP event.

D. All Logs submitted for Certificates must include a (SASE) 9"x11-1/2" envelope.


8. Participation Frequencies: (only 2m, 6m, 10m, 40m & 80 m contacts will be allowed)

A. Only Point to Point contacts allowed !
    (no Repeater, Crossband or Crossmode cotacts allowed!)

***Some HILLTOP stations may not operate in all BANDS or Modes.(see Registered Hills list above)








144.210-.220 Mhz (USB)

50.120-130 Mhz (USB)

28.40-43 Mhz (USB)

7.225-.255 Mhz


3.910-.940 Mhz (LSB)








146.52 Mhz

52.525 Mhz

29.6 Mhz










144.020 mhz

50.020 mhz

28.160 mhz

7.060 mhz

3.570 mhz

(CW Freqs. are + or -- 5 Khz)

9. Event coordinator: WB9DKL- Ron Cooper
Hilltop register....EMAIL WB9DKL

9. Event Committee: K9XV-Tom & W9IH-Chuck & WB9DKL-Ron


10. Event Results: Will be posted here last updated:31 may 2007





prepared by; W9IH



Under Construction!..

I n d i a n a p o l i s R a d i o C l u b L i n k s

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