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WB9DKL..HF Mobile Antenna Shoot-out

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2007   WB9DKL..HF Mobile Antenna Shoot-out

October 12th Friday before IRC Meeting.


Have FUN while exploring antenna propagation and construction concepts for
Amateur radio mobile antennas.

Location: IRC meeting - ITC facilities (W & SW Parking Lot.)

Date: 12 OCT 2007 Friday (rain date:_13 OCT 2007-TBA__) ?
October meeting of the Indianapolis Radio Club

TIME: 6:30-8PM (before the regular meeting)

Frequency:2007 antenna shoot out will be held on
75 meters Freq. 3806 Khz )

    1. Drivable to the ITC site, mobile antennas on Vehicles only. (2 to 4 wheels)(No Trailers allowed)

    2. No taller than 13 feet 6 inches measured from the ground.

    3. PL259 connector must be provided to allow for test gear connections.

    4. A color Ribbon shall be fastened to the top of the participant's antenna. (For Pix ID)

    5. No (PA) Power amplifiers allowed.

    6. Participating mobile antenna that emits the strongest received reading at the calibrated receive antenna
    and measuring equipment …wins !

    1. Participants must present / Check in with the Shoot out coordinator.

    2. All participating antennas will be inspected prior to the test to insure specifications of the test are meet.

    3. Transmit test antennas will be located 140-175 feet from the calibrated receiver for 80 meters.

    4. All tested antennas shall be located at the same spot for the entire test.

    5. Participants will present their test antenna/vehicle to the prescribed location for test set up
    when called by the test committee. (IRC meeting / ITC facilities (W & SW Parking Lot.))

    6. Test committee will connect the calibrated transmitter to the test antenna and allow for a
    brief tune up by the antenna owner.

    7. Test committee will perform and record the signal test results.

    8. Test committee shall ensure that that no other testing is in progress affecting the test;
    while any antenna is being tested.! (No RF interference) (no 80m antennas in the near field of the test range!!!)

    9. Each participant will be allowed sufficient time to make any antenna adjustments.
    All participating antennas should be ready for testing when called.

Shoot OUT Committee:
This committee shall have final authority for decisions on all shoot out procedures, rules, awards and applications of this event.
WB9DKL-Ron Chair.; W9IH- Chuck, K9XV-Tom, N9QVO- Dave.

    1-Participating mobile antenna that emits the strongest received reading at the calibrated receive
    antenna and measuring equipment …wins "TOP HAM"!

    2- All participants readings will be posted on the IRC website.Shoot out results

    3- Top ham award will be a 1 LB canned ham, painted gold & a short replica antenna afixed
    to the top of the can. Presented at the IRC meeting.

For more info contact:
Shoot -Out Coordinator....EMAIL WB9DKL

Prepared by: W9IH

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