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June 11th ITC-IRC sponsored Ham Youth group -ATV DEMO from ITC facilities.       


ITC/Indianapolis Radio club sponsored; The ITC Ham Radio Youth group hosted an Amateur Television (ATV)
Demo at the Indianapolis Training facility on June 11th 2006. In attendance were members of the ITC ham radio
youth group and some of their adult sponsors.

The ATV demo was organized at the request of one of the visiting young
ham operators ; Mark-KC9DZT from Wisconsin and presented by Ron-WB9DKL
& Chuck W9IH, IRC members and Indy area ATVERS.
Present from the ITC-IRC youth group were: Hams; Clayton, Mary, Janet, Jessie,
Patrick,Andrew,ethan & dave .
Visiting were Mark (KC9DZT),Ryan & dad,Dennis (K0DB) Baldridge.
The demo was originally intended to send simplex ATV (fast scan pictures )
between long time Indy area ATVR, Malcom - WA9BVS and the ITC facility.

ATV equipment was temporally installed on the 13th floor of the ITC and HT's were used for voice communications
between WA9BVS and the youth group. (a four (4) mile path LOS)
Ron-WB9DKL provide the setup and for about one hour ATV Pictures accompanied by voice
descriptions of the group and malcom's ham shack were exchanged.

During the ATV session, a good 430 mhz band enhancement was noticed and N9HLL-Rick in lebanon IN broke in with
P4 pictures direct. The group realized they had a good advantage point for some exciting ATV and
proceeded to exchange pictures with Rick.
Suddenly; Don -W9NTP appeared on the ATV screen and the group was able to exchange pictures with
Don in Waldron IN some 45 miles away.
The ITC gang was using a 7 element yagi antenna and 6 watts of RF power.. (pretty exciting stuff.)
Being able to work the Waldron IN station prompted the group to wonder if they could work the
INDY ATV east side repeater.
Yep!!! no problem.. they sent pictures to everyone on the freq and exchanged some sig reports.

Here are some of the Youth group participating in this ATV demo, most of them had only heard about this
Ham mode and it was their 1st exposure to the realm of ATV.

Special thanks to Malcom-WA9BVS, Ron -WB9DKL, Rick-N9HLL & Don- W9NTP for putting up with this inquisitive youth group and
their ATV shenanigans.


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