IRC /ITC Express ham class ,may 2005 Useful Contesting links:

IRC -ITC EXPRESS Code Technician & Code General HAM class; July 18-30th, 2005:

Welcome to the (12) New class attendees. of the 3rd ITC/IRC sponsored Express ham class.
The class was held at the ITC facilities during JULY; Testing was held on July 30th at the ITC facility.

CONGRATS! to our NEW General class hams:
Randy - W9ATA , Robert- KC8ZQV

CONGRATS! to our NEW General (no Code) hams:

CONGRATS! to our NEW (TECH PLUS) class hams:
Patrick-KC9GAB, Joshua H.-KC9IAF & Jonathan I.

CONGRATS!to our NEW Technician class hams:
Evan- KC9IAE, and Jim,

Special thanks to the WCARS VE Team...!

Four of the Five Code applicants passed the 5 WPM,
while (7) of the (8) written applicants passed at least one license exam.

Students ready for the Code;.. Their Instructor; Jerry -NZ9J awaits the code test results

This was the IRC /ITC first attempt to hold a express General class ham
license course including Morse code.

Special thanks to the entire IRC Express Ham Class instructor staff;
Code; Jerry Allison-NZ9J, Written..Mike Henney- KE9YA And Chuck-W9IH.

Pix and article by W9IH
last updated:31jul05
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