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  • Dec. 10th; IRC annual dinner and Awards presenteed to:
    Amateur of the Year ... Steve Wendt- KB9RDS
    MARCONI award recipient .Jim Keeth - AF9A
    Young ham award recipients : Heather Heininger-KB9ZLB; Trevor Fulk-N9YM & Adel Brown - K9OOC
    Sponsor Award Certificates & Plaques presented to:-MAI Prime Parts -Curran Electronics -R & L Electronics
    . Certificates of appreciation…- Ed Conder - N9IZN- Tom Price WB9UNG- Bob Osterhous - W9PSE- Steve Heiniger - N9OI
    - Bob Blake- N9FIM -Tom Chance - K9XV

  • The Friendly 48 Hour International PSK Digital Duel -Saturday Dec 18th 00:00Z through Sunday Dec 19th 24:00Z:
    Deathmatch Ham radio PSK Digital Duel announced Website & rules
    Looking for a challenge on the ham bands ; try the Death match....
  • -November 6th, 2004 (SAT) Kids of the 70 youth group..
    August Special Event Station QSL Card party (W9Z)

    Place: Red Cross Chapter House at 441 E. 10th st , Indianapolis
    time: 11:00 to 2:00 PM
    RSVP by November 4th; to KB9RDS@ARRL.NET or N9OI@ARRL.NET
    or contact us on the 146.700 repeater.
    All Youth that have participated in the Kids Net are welcome to attend.
    Sponsors: Steve-KB9RDS & Indianapolis Repeater assoc.

  • From 0000z Sept. 4th through 2400z Sept 12th. ;
    The Fifth Annual "Route 66 On The Air" Special Event. ***

    For more info GOTO:more INFO

  • 26 September .... Antenna building class.
    time: 1:00 PM
    where: 3250 E.Lorretta Drive, Home of Steve Hinenger N9OI
    RSVP EMAIL .. Steve N9OI or Steve- KB9RDS
    Only 18 and under will build antennas.
    Antennas that can be built are:
    ..2m j pole ..2m loop ..6m j pole ..6m loop
    all made from 1/2" copper pipe.
    contact steve N9OI or steve KB9RDS for more info.

  • July 31 and August 1, and August 7 and 8 ;
    W9IMS radio station, Indianapolis Motor Speedway-Special event ***
    W9IMS will operate from 1500Z to 0300Z on the weekends
    frequencies: 1840, 3840, 7240, 14070 PSK31, 14240, 21340,
    28340, 50140, 144.240 SSB and 146.52 simplex FM

    For more info GOTO:W9IMS INFO

    (sponsored by the USS Salem Radio Club)....
    Operating time will be from July 17th 0001Z
    through 2359Z July 18th
    Stations that work 10 of the participating ships
    will receive a certificate if they send thier logs .
    "Radioman medals" to the top 5 operators
    who work the most ships
    and 3 "Chief Radioman" medals will be
    presented to stations who work the most ships using
    AM mode . Particpating Frequencies are, 3885 KHz, 3600 & 3625 (in the UK), 3705 (W. Europe),
    7290 KHz and 14,286 KHz in the AM mode.
    for more info clik here
    Several IRC hams participated in the event and report a "FUN" & interesting operation.

  • 2004 IRC Field Day opportunities....
    IRC Members invited to RCA ARC Field Day June 26-27:

    Members of the Indianapolis Radio Club are invited to join us for our FD operation.
    Our site is at the Bultman's Radio Ranch, 4823 W Edwards Ave. on the southwest
    side of Indy near the intersection of I-465 and Kentucky Ave. Click Hr for map

    We will start the setup around 9:30 AM Saturday. We urgently need 8 to 10 people
    for setup. And, we can always use a little extra for tear-down Sunday beginning at 1 PM.
    The Field Day operation starts at 1:00 PM local time Saturday and ends at 1:00 PM Sunday.

    We'll be operating in the one transmitter class. Our goal is to have one operator and
    one person logging to cover the 24 hour contest period. Our experience has shown
    we can always use more operators! Everyone is welcome and if nothing else stop by and
    see the setup (and have something eat!).

    We will have food and there will be a cookout Saturday evening. There is plenty of room
    to bring a sleeping bag and roll it out on the floor to sleep in the house (it's air conditioned).
    There is also room for tents if that's your hr for FD2004 Pics.

    Additionally : IRC members are invited to participate with the Multi-FD Site
    at Camp Atterbury IN. For more info goto Mid States Ham Club
  • -Kids Day  Jan 4th (sun) Time: 1800 to 2400Z


                         June 19 (sat)
    Time: 1500 to 2100Z
    Location: Indpls.Trng Center, 2820 N. Meridian St - Ham room

    For more INFO goto: Indy area; Ham Radio Youth programs
  • Indianpolis Radio Club "Congratulations!" (2)more new Tech Class Hams !!!
    Express NoCode-Technician Class (K9XV instructor)
    Mark Cook- KC9GES & Zac Chance- KC9GET completed...
    This is the 2nd Express Ham class using the ITC/IRC format...

  • 14MAY2004: The following new members applications were approved for 2004: N9OT,KC9DTV,WA9NCF,N9KT,K4IUL,N9MEW,WB9DNZ,WA9FDO,K9RTT,

  • 2003
  • Amateur of the Year. Mike Sercer - WA9FDO
  • 2003 Awards committee made eight (8) Awards presentations of Appreciation for
    Amateur radio community service in the Indianapolis Area during the past TWO years; to :
    Gale - AA9WU, John - W9GRE, Steve - KB9RDS, Steve - N9OI,Maria - KB9RLG,
    Mike - KB9RBF, Wade - W9JGZ and Bill - K9DBY.
  • Past club Amateur of the year award recipients.

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