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This page contains most of the known Indiana Amateur Radio Club websites found on the Inter-Net.

.The list is in alphabetical order from A to Z by Club name. ie."Grant County ARC" would be listed under the "G's".
.Not all Indiana Clubs go by the county in which they are located. Try looking under city name.
.Some Indiana Amateur Clubs only have email or phone contacts listed.
.University Ham clubs are listed by the school first name.
.ARRL affiliated clubs have a # sign at the end of the name.
.Clubs providing Amateur Radio Classes have [HC] behind their names.
.Clubs listing known Field Day activities have [FD]

Indiana HAM Club Website listing:



         Indianapolis Radio club -W9JP

         Indianapolis, W9RCA ARC [HC][FD]

         Indianapolis Repeater Association

         USS INDY Radio Group... Indiana War Memorial.


# [FD]

         3875khz group/big iron & shoot out Info

Club email ONLY listings:


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