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Last up-Date: 03 FEB 2007

Indianapolis Radio Club           &         - W9JP trustee history           

Over the years there have been several Amateur radio operators volunteering for our the
Indianpolis Radio CLub W9JP club station. The Only record of the
W9JP call original owner is found in the 1940 Hamfest program directory; which shows
D.M.Davis - W9JP, then the 1940 Hamfest chairman with this call sign!.

Lisrted here is the most current and up to date list of those W9JP trustee Hams.:
    1926-1950; 1st Amateur call (W9JP)obtained an operated (trustee was W9JP- D.M.Davis)
    1950-1952; Howard O Servereid (sk) W9DPL .
    1952-1960; Alvey Pitmant (sk 1960) W9JJC / W9EL.
    1960-1980; Ron Williams W9JVF
    1980-1985; Mike Kuehn- WD9AJY / W9KY
    1985- present ; Don Hemenover- N9DOO

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