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Indy Area Ham Youth Activities

In March of 2005 the ITC/Indianapolis Radio club sponsored;
Young Ham group was started By Patrick-KC9GAB and
Robert-KC8ZQV and currently involves 15 young people from the
Indianapolis Training Center in Ham radio activities.
For more INFO click on their PIC! .

Field Day 2005 at ITC Info(CLICK HERE)

Past IRC Young Amateur of the year awards.

2006 -

June17th (sat).. 1-4pm; ARRL National Kids Day ;
ITC-IRC sponsored Ham Youth group ops at the ITC facility Kids day 2006 PIX.

June 11th ....ITC-IRC sponsored Ham Youth group -ATV DEMO from ITC facilities. ATV demo article

2005 -

January 2nd (SUN); 10am-4pm; ARRL National Kids Day

Place:Baxter South YMCA, US31, Shelby St. & Stop 11 rd.

Contact: Steve Wendt- KB9RDS; 897-4076 or emial:KB9RDS@ARRL.NET or contact us on the 146.700 repeater.




APR 2nd (SAT) Baxter YMCA (south) Kids Special Event Demo -W9Y; Sponsor:Steve Wendt- KB9RDS; 897-4076 or emial:KB9RDS@ARRL.NET


2004 -

November 6th, 2004 (SAT) Kids of the 70 youth group..August Special Event Station QSL Card party

call (W9Z)

Place: Red Cross Chapter House at 441 E. 10th st , Indianapolis

time: 11:00 to 2:00 PM

RSVP by November 4th; to KB9RDS@ARRL.NET or N9OI@ARRL.NET or contact us on the 146.700 repeater.

All Youth that have participated in the Kids Net are welcome to attend.

Sponsors: Steve-KB9RDS & Indianapolis Repeater assoc.


26 September .... Antenna building class.
time: 1:00 PM
where: 3250 E.Lorretta Drive, Home of Steve Hinenger N9OI
.. Steve N9OI or Steve- KB9RDS
Only 18 and under will build antennas.
Antennas that can be built are:
..2m j pole ..2m loop ..6m j pole ..6m loop
all made from 1/2" copper pipe.
contact steve N9OI or steve KB9RDS for more info.

click hr for Antenna class Pics.

-IRC / ITC Apr-May Express Ham class INFO & Results

-Kids Day Jan 4th (sun) Time: 1800 to 2400Z


June 19 (sat)
Time: 1500 to 2100Z
Location: Indpls.Trng Center, 2820 N. Meridian St - Ham room

Suggested Frequencies:

28350 to 28400 kHz, 21380 to 21400, 14270 to 14300 kHz and

2-meter repeater frequencies with permission.

Observe third party traffic restrictions when making DX QSOs


Suggested exchange:

Name, age, location and favorite color.

You are encouraged to work the same station again if an operator has changed.

Call "CQ Kid's Day."



click hr for Kids day 2004 Pics.


kid's day rules ARRL site


Indy Kids Field Day - at N9OI (southport IN )
June 26-27th 2004

There are several FD sites around the Indianapolis area;
Steve -N9OI sponsors a Kids Field day at his home location in southport IN.
Kids get priority on the three transmitter set up .IRC members are
encouraged to aleast visit them if not get involved in set-up & operations
and to bring a young person out to experience the Field Day event....
Chuck -W9IH
Pres. IRC click hr for FD2004 Pics.
Club FIELD DAY OPS.2004.

-Indy Area Kids Net: weekly (Sunday) Time: 5:30pm - Until?

 2 Meter FM (18 years or older; excluded form participating.)


146.70 Mhz Repeater - W9IRA

2-meter repeater .

Observe third party traffic restrictions when making QSOs

Sponsor contact: EMAIL ......Steve, KB9RDS

-sunday evening 2M usb round table: weekly (Sunday) Time: 7:00pm - Until?

 2 Meter USB (Young Hams are encourage to participate...)


144.210 Mhz USB ;

Use Vertical Polarity Antennas !

Just for "FUN" on Sideband 2 meters.

For more Info contact: EMAIL ......Steve, KB9RDS

FEB 09-13 ARRL School Club Round-up Rules


AUG. 7th ..Broadripple Swap meet & Kids Special event station

Youth ham Awareness day call W9Z

K9OOA / KB9RDS sponsor

Picnic 2004 info & PIX


October 31 ..Kids of the 70 youth group Holliween Net.

TIMES: to be determined
This net is for all ages and will ge used for training and fun by all reguardless of age.

sponsors...IRA & KB9RDS..


-Indy Area SATELLITE contacts: T B A Time: TBA

Amateur radio satellites:

Amateur radio to the International Space Station (ISS):


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