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KC9DTB-Jerry Skoll

2007 Nov. Atlantic Sailing and Ham contact schedule

last updated: 28 nov 2007

Call sign KC9DTB  boat name :___"ARABESQUE "________

Proposed Sked

    See Notes below!!

    Updates here during sailing

"Arabesque" & Jerry-kc9dtb arrived in Bermuda-port monday 19nov07.Crew OK!
Sail Trip postponed till Jan 2008 ;see updates for "Arabesque" details!
Current updates click hereNews update:28 nov 2007

The Sailing Vessel Arabesque is scheduled (depending on New England weather conditions) to leave
Onset, MA on or about; November 5th for a 10-12 day transit to Antigua. I will attempt to transmit
(invite DX'ers to make contact) about an hour each EVENING from 7 PM until 9 PM as the ship goes quiet
once night watches begin. During the DAYLIGHT hours I will transmit generally after 10 AM
(the crew coming off the 3-6 AM watch will take 2-3 hours of sleep) whenever we charge batteries.

New Freq's & Times will be set for Jan 2008 TRIP!(Bermuda to Antigua);
Watch this page; starting JAN 1st.

Frequencies & Mode & Times:[OLD}
   14.300.. if busy... 14.315 Mhz-USB (Nitetime)   00-0200 UTCnote #1
   7.240 Mhz-LSB (Nitetime)   00-0200 UTCnote #1
   3.940 Mhz-LSB (Nitetime)   00-0200 UTCnote #1

   24.955 Mhz-USB (Daytime)start after 1500-Until ? UTC
   21.395 Mhz-USB (Daytime)start after 1500-Until ? UTC

      50.125 Mhz-USB (Daytime)& (Nitetime) note #2 & #2B


    Notes: 1. 20-40-80-20 Band order will change daily.
Example: If traffic density keeps me on a band the entire evening, then the next night I will first call out on the next
frequency in the 20-40-80-20... order. Thus, if I spent the previous evening entirely on 7240, I'll first CQ on 3940.etc.

Note#2. For the 6-meter guys, I'll try 50.125 each evening and during daytime transmission periods. I won't stay there
long if I don't sense that decent propagation is occurring. Do not know if the boat has 6 meter capability.
Note#2B..07NOV2007..Jerry reported "NO 6m capability on the ship"

Please send any contact INFO you wish to share to ...EMAIL Chuck W9IH



"CQ CQ CQ The Sailing Vessel Arabesque" De KC9DTB - Jerry

For more info contact:
Alantic sailing comm. officer!....EMAIL KC9DTB

Prepared by: W9IH
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