Past & present

Indianapolis Area Amateur radio clubs


ARC of ITT Tech                                                   Dave -K9HDQ

AT& T Amateur Radio Club                           Bob- N9FIM

Bell Systems of Ind. ARC                                           Tom-Wb9ZQP

Central Ind. Repeater Assoc.                                   Mike-WA9FDO

Harrison Amateur Radio Club                           David-KW9SWM

Hoosier Contest Club                                       Mike-KK9V

Ind. Amateur TV & UHF club                            Don-W9NTP

Indpls. American red cross ARC               Jack-KD9XJ

Indpls. Hamfest Assoc.                                               Dick-WA9FUD

Indpls. Power & Light ARC                             Ron-WB9DKL

Indpls. QCWA                                                            Jerry- W9BS

Indianapolis Radio Club                                       Mike Galloway- WD9AVQ

Indpls. VHF/UHF club                                        Dave- N9AMU

Indpls. FAA ARC                                                   Chuck- WB9IHS

Naval Avionics ARC                                       Stephen-WB9HBH

RCA Radio Club                                                   Ken-WB8SSB

Star News ARC                                                   Thomas-WB9RCI


Army MARS                                                             Don-W9EPT

Air Force MARS                                                            Dave-N9CSV

Navy Marine Corps MARS                                    Jean - WB9ZQM



Other county ARC's:

Hancock C ARC                                       Doug-N9EHT

Hendricks Co Ham club                            John-N9CNJ

Mid State ARC (Johnson co)                                          Joan-N9DOL

Morgan Co. ARC                                       Keith-N9ERD


This was an original document found in the IRC sect. Archives;  no date.

Names an call signs are past contacts.


Published date: 01 Dec 2006

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