The Indianapolis Radio Club February 26, 2018

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The Indianapolis Radio Club is a general interest ham radio group that was founded in 1914 and has met continuously since. Major activities the club supports are a bus to the Dayton Hamvention (May 20, 2017), Field Day (Jun 24-25, 2017), HillTop contest (Sep 16, 2017), the IRC 2m Four Grid Award (see the "Operating" section) and our annual Christmas Party (Dec 8, 2017).

"Our meetings are held at Ivy Tech Community College 2535 N. Capitol Ave. near downtown Indianapolis in the 4th floor ballroom in the NMC building (Ivy Tech Downtown Campus Map)at 7:30 PM on the second (2nd) Friday of each month except for July and August. Preceding the meeting, there is an informal social session that starts at 7:00 PM, where members and visitors can chat and exchange information over refreshments."

The Ivy Tech radio club meetings are held concurrently with the Indianapolis Radio Club meetings.

The Indianapolis Radio Club Station W9JP is co-located with the IVY Tech ARC Club Station W9IVY at the IVY Tech Community College Meridian Street Campus NMC building (Ivy Tech Downtown Campus Map). The IVY Tech ARC, W9IVY is the host and the combination of equipment from both clubs gives a nice station with capabilities from HF thru 1.2GHz including satellite. IRC members act as mentors for the IVY Tech ARC members and both clubs help maintain the station. The station is located on the second floor of the Tech Center Building room T226A and is available for use from 9AM to 9PM weekdays and Saturdays.  Tuesday from 3PM to 6PM is an IRC activity day for those interested in getting together at the club station. Talk in is on the 146.07/67 repeater. We would like to go over the operation of the station , logging onto the computers and the door codes to get into the station before you operate the station. You can park in the IVY Tech parking lots without a permit. Enter the Tech building by the side door on the back on the south corner. Contact Jim Rinehart, K9RU for information: See Pictures selection above for a view of the W9JP operating position. We can also use help working on the stations and the antennas.

Indianapolis Radio Club Meetings and Events

June 8, 2018 the annual Indianapolis Radio Club auction

We’ve made a Field Day reservation for the Victor Conservation Club at 6675 Red Day Road, Martinsville (but it’s actually near Centerton on State Road 67).


W9AMT's DMR presentation September

The Indianapolis Hamfest and ARRL convention is July 13 and 14 at the Marion County Fairgrounds

see the following web site for more information

See below for Indy 500 frequencies from a members Uniden BC125AT scanner program entry program.

If you have a Uniden scanner this entry method may allow cut and past into the program

Newgarden        464.9250
Castroneves      466.8250
Leist            463.0125
Hinchcliffe      469.4375
Wickens          464.4625
Jay Howard       462.7875
Dixon            456.6500
Jones            467.0375
POWER            466.2125
Danika           467.7125
Tony Kanaan      467.0750
Graham Rahal     466.9125
DALY             453.4750
Bourdais         467.2000
De Melo          463.6000
Ed 469.1125
Piggot           469.9250
Pagenaud         463.8875
Kimbal           458.1000
KARAM            461.0125
WILSON           452.8500
Veach            467.4000
Rossi            469.1375
REAY             469.3000
Munoz            462.4000
Sato             468.2625
KAISER           461.9375
Davison          456.3750
CILTON           459.6500
HARVEY           461.0750
PIPA MANN        466.7375
Servia           466.3125
Hildebrand       453.3750
Chaves           463.2875
Marco And        468.4875
Race Control 461.2000
Safety 451.2250
MRN Radio 454.0000
INDY CAR 468.8250
SAFETY 451.6875
SAFETY 451.2250
TV Broadcast 450.6375
IMS Radio 450.0500
PA 455.1375
weather 162.5500
Alberico 460.3875
Blackstock 455.6375
Urrutia 459.1125
Telitz 452.5750
Franzoni 466.4000
PatoWard 468.2125
Kellett 464.5375
Norman 469.2125
98 Herta 462.9125



The club members check into the weekly net on 220.80 or 224.98 at 8:00 local time Thursday Nights with a PL tone of 77HZ. The remote base audio at the 441.350 repeater site connects the 224.980 with the hub repeater.     Club members also check into the ARES Sunday night HF net at 3.900 MHZ 21:00 hours GMT.

The weekly six meter experimental net is on the 52.7 IPL repeater at 7:30 local time on Thursday nights.

Slow code traffic net. ICN will meet every evening on 3535 Khz at 00:00Z. CW speeds max out at about 13 wpm, feel free to QNI (check in).

The Indiana DMR net meets on Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM local time on Indiana State wide

The SATERN net is now on every week on Thursdays at 7:00 PM on the 146.880 repeater. No pl tone. All are welcome to sign in.


· President: David Spoelstra, N9KT –
· Vice Pres.: Dave Miller, K9RTT -
· Secretary: Ken Bandy, KJ9B -
· Treasurer: Rhonda Curtis, WS9H -
· Chief Operator: Jace Thompson, KD9BIG -
· Dir. at large: Jim Rinehart, K9RU –
· Dir. at large: Ron Cooper, WB9DKL -
· Dir. at large: Mark Burke, W9MGB -
· W9JP Trustee: Jay Kraus, W9TC -

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