The December issue of QST just came out this morning, and our Indianapolis Radio Club team (including the rest of our six-club coalition) finished ...

3RD in CLASS 3A!

That’s the best finish in the century-old history of the Indianapolis Radio Club! Thanks to all who contributed to the effort.

First and second place in 3A went to a couple of perennial heavy hitters – the North Fulton (Ga.) Radio League with 14,562 and the Rochester (N.Y.) DX Association with 12,980. We were next with 11,876, followed by the Prairie Dog ARC from South Dakota (10,664) and the North Shore Radio Association of Massachusetts (10,518). So there was a bit of distance above and below us.

Uncharacteristically, 3A was the most competitive class this year (aside from 1D, which doesn’t really count). There with 304 entries in 3A, compared to 288 entries in 2A and 92 entries in 1A.

Field Day Operation June 23rd and 24th was at Victor Conservation Club south of Mooresville


The final submitted score for Field Day 2018 is 11,876 points. The operators beat the 2017 score of 11,040 by more than 800 points and achieved the highest Field Day total in the history of the Indianapolis Radio Club ... the highest 3A Indiana total in the history of the modern Field Day rules (which debuted in 1975) ... and the fourth-highest total of any Indiana station in history!
The December QST should show the Class 3A standings. But in recent years, a score in that range was usually good for 4th place, give or take. The new location – Victor Conservation Club south of Mooresville – was generally considered a home run despite the greater driving distance for some participants, and will most likely see a return for Field Day 2019. Thanks to all who participated!



As Field Day week unfolds, I wanted to pass along some important information about our 2018 operation at Victor Conservation Club near Centerton (mailing address: 6675 Red Day Road, Martinsville).
We’ll be situated in a scenic, family-friendly, radio-friendly 40-acre property with access to the clubhouse and shelter, no significant line noise, and a nearly 900-foot hilltop perch to launch our signals from. With the nearest major highway 200 feet below us, this is an opportunity to enjoy some rare air!
But ... business before pleasure. You need to be aware of the requirements we’ll need to meet and the rules we’ll need to follow if we hope to be invited back here in 2019. So it’s important that you read this list of items before you head out to Victor Conservation Club (VCC).
Remember that station set-up begins at 5 p.m. Friday, June 22 (all are welcome), and that Field Day officially lasts from 2 p.m. Saturday, June 23, to 2 p.m. Sunday, June 24 (for us, anyway). Our Field Day team is a coalition of six local radio clubs under the banner of the Indianapolis Radio Club, and last year we finished 6th overall in Class 3A. If you haven’t seen our Field Day Facebook page, go to 
Questions? I’m here to answer them. Just email me back before Friday afternoon (or text/call me afterward at 317-506-1980).
Thanks so much for your help. See you on Field Day!
Brian, W9IND
Field Day Coordinator,
Indianapolis Radio Club
Home: (317) 422-1989 (call this number before Friday afternoon)
Cell: (317) 506-1980 (call or text me here afterward)
* * * * * * * * * * * *
1. Most of you have already received confirmation on your assigned Field Day shifts, but I’ll be sending every operator a follow-up reminder shortly. My cell phone number is 317-506-1980; please keep it handy and contact me immediately (by text or phone; NO EMAIL AFTER FRIDAY) if you’re going to be late for your shift or otherwise have a problem with it. Field Day is a team effort, and dozens of us are depending on each other to follow through on our commitments, so let’s take them seriously.
2. Please print, sign and bring the attached RELEASE AND WAIVER with you. It’s a standard waiver that VCC requires all guests and visitors to sign before entering their property. (If you forget to bring yours, don’t turn around and get it; we’ll have a few blank waivers on site.)
3. We will again be competing in Class 3A after placing 6th overall last year. We’ll use the clubhouse for our two (mainly) Phone stations and the VHF station. Dave Gingrich’s RV will again host the CW station, and the shelter will house the GOTA station. [Scroll down to read A Guide to the Property.]
4. We will have the use of a refrigerator, a stove and a microwave in the clubhouse kitchen. There’s no hot water from the tap, but of course we can heat it with the microwave. Please be careful when using VCC’s appliances!
5. We will serve Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast and Sunday lunch to everyone on hand, and have overnight chow and snacks available. However, if you’re on a special diet or have your own favorite Field Day drink or “fuel” – non-alcoholic, of course! – feel free to bring it. (Just remember that refrigerator space is limited.)
6. The clubhouse is not air conditioned, but we’ll have a fan on each station. Temperatures are predicted to reach 82 on Saturday and 85 on Sunday, with lows in the high 60s.
7. Please clean up after yourself. Don’t toss chicken bones, cigarette butts, etc., on the ground or leave water bottles, food wrappers and other trash around your station after you’re finished operating. Our damage deposit depends on leaving the property the way we found it.
8. Feel free to bring Off!, Deet, sunscreen, etc. We’ll try to have some available, but don’t rely on it.
                                                                                                * * * * * * * * * *
[Geographical information follows. For a clearer picture of the VCC layout, open the “Victor Screen Shot FD” attachment and read “A Guide to the Property” below before continuing to Items 9 through 14.] 
9. The property is fenced, with a front gate, but the gate should be unlocked all weekend – although it may be closed (but not locked) overnight. If you arrive late at night and see a closed gate, see if you can lift the lock and swing the door open. If so, continue driving onto the property, then put the gate back the way you found it. (And if it’s really locked, text or call me; I’ll be on the premises all weekend.)
10. Once you enter the front gate, STAY ON THE ROAD as it bends to the right. You’ll see a utility pole and a white clubhouse on your left; DO NOT park or drive on this area, the grassy space between the front gate and the clubhouse (just left of the clubhouse in the attached photo) – it hasa drainage problem. (This area should be marked off with “No Parking” signs and orange cones, but be mindful nonetheless.) 
11. The approved VCC parking area is just around the first curve, off the road and in front of the clubhouse. This area should also be marked, and there will almost certainly be other cars parked there.
12. Don’t drive toward the end of the main road into the campground – the campground (which begins about halfway down the main road, past the shelter) is off-limits to us this weekend!
13. Tent camping is allowed on the property Friday and Saturday night. The recommended camping spot for Field Day participants is near the shelter (on the side opposite the main road).
14. Simple directions for driving to VCC: Head to Centerton (south of Mooresville) on State Road 67 till you reach the stoplight at Robb Hill Road. (If you’re coming from the east, take Centerton Road to the State Road 67 stoplight.) Turn or proceed west past the gas station on Robb Hill Road and up the hill – your car will experience a quick upward tilt – then turn right at Red Day Road. Stay on Red Day Road and watch the address numbers increase on the right until you come to 6675 Red Day Road and the Victor Conservation Club sign.
                                                                                                * * * * * * * * * *
To better understand the locations of buildings, roads, etc., mentioned in this email, open the attachment marked “Victor Screen Shot” and note the following terms:
    Clubhouse: The gray-roofed building just below the green “Camp Victor” marker.
    Shelter: The white-roofed structure inside the “wishbone” intersection of roads.
    Main Road: The road on the left side of the “wishbone.”
    Old Lake Road: The right-hand road, which is seldom used anymore because a burst dam drained the lake in 2008.
    Campground: Off limits to our group! The collection of campsites (partially visible through the trees) that begins about halfway down the main road and ends at a circle underneath the “Google” logo.
    Front Gate: Difficult to see in the photo. Located just before the main road bends toward the bottom of the photo. :
If you’d prefer a larger, interactive 3-D map that you can move around with your cursor, click here: Victor Conservation Club 3-D 
                                                                                                                  # # # # #


See the waiver that everybody entering the grounds of Victor Conservation Club needs to sign (whether you're operating or not). 

This year Field Day is a joint effort of the Indianapolis Radio Club, RCA ARC, HDXCC, W9IMS, Indy Midtown ARC and the Marion County ARES/Satern club.

Field Day begins at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 23, and ends at 2 p.m. June 24.

All Amateur Radio operators, and anyone else interested in amateur radio, are welcome to visit. This is a good chance to meet hams from around the Indianapolis area and see a working off-the-grid ham radio operation.
We plan to operate in Class 3A with one station on HF Phone and one HF CW. A third station will be a swing station for both HF Phone and CW. There will be also be a VHF station on 6 and 2 meters as well as a GOTA (Get On the Air) station.
Any new licensee (first licensed within the past year), generally inactive amateur or unlicensed visitor can operate the GOTA station. A licensed amateur will explain the operation and give you a chance to get on the air. Guests are welcome, especially young people 18 and under, no license required. All contacts made by the GOTA station are worth bonus points.

Anyone interested in volunteering for Field Day or operating the GOTA station (or who has questions about the operation) should contact Brian Smith, W9IND, at

There is room for overnight tent camping both Friday and Saturday night.

The Victor Conservation Club, 6675 Red Day Road, Martinsville that is perched near the top of a hill near Centerton on State Road 67 that towers above State Road 67 below. How much above the highway? Well, elevation at the conservation club is about 875 feet, whereas elevation on State Road 67 below is only 650 feet!
Here's a 3D view of the site on Google Maps:,-86.4170288,412a,35y,39.3t/data=!3m1!1e3
Check out Dave Gingrich's excellent photos of the site (if you click on one of them, you can scroll through them all):

Directions: It is 27 miles south of Indianapolis on US-67 and 9.3 miles south of Mooresville. Turn west on Robb Hill Road, go up the hill, and turn north on County Road 40/ Red Day Road. Look for Victor Conservation Club on your right

If anybody likes this place enough to want to become a member, just ask somebody who’s already in the conservation club. It only costs about $50 a year to belong, along with another $150 if you want a campsite. And that’s per year!