The Indianapolis Radio Club September 1, 2020

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The Indianapolis Radio Club is a general interest ham radio group that was founded in 1914 and has met continuously since. Major activities the club supports are monthly meetings, club station W9JP operation, ARRL Field Day, and IRC 2m Four Grid Award (see the "Operating" section)

"Our meetings are held at Ivy Tech Community College 2535 N. Capitol Ave. near downtown Indianapolis on the IndyGo Red Line (Ivy Tech Downtown Campus Map)at 7:30 PM on the second (2nd) Friday of each month except for July and August. Preceding the meeting, there is an informal social session that starts at 7:00 PM, where members and visitors can chat and exchange informations."

The Ivy Tech radio club meetings are held concurrently with the Indianapolis Radio Club meetings.

The Indianapolis Radio Club Station W9JP is co-located with the IVY Tech ARC Club Station W9IVY at the IVY Tech Community College Meridian Street Campus IFC building (Ivy Tech Downtown Campus Map). The IVY Tech ARC, W9IVY is the host and the combination of equipment from both clubs gives a nice station with capabilities from HF thru 1.2GHz including satellite. IRC members act as mentors for the IVY Tech ARC members and both clubs help maintain the station. The station is located on the second floor of the Tech Center Building room T226A and is available for use from 9AM to 9PM weekdays and Saturdays.  Talk in is on the 146.28/88 repeater. We would like to go over the operation of the station , logging onto the computers and the door codes to get into the station before you operate the station. You can park in the IVY Tech parking lots without a permit. Enter the Tech building by the side door on the back on the south corner. Contact Jim Rinehart, K9RU for information:

Indianapolis Radio Club Meetings and Events and Information:

The following equipment has been donated to the Indianapolis Radio or the IVY Tech ARC to be sold with the money going to the appropriate Club.

MFJ Grandmaster Memory Keyer MFJ-484B $35

MFJ-1278 Multi-Mode Data Controller (TNC) $25

Radio Shack Optimus boom mic / headphone wire for ICOM $45

David Clark boom mic / headphones wired for ICOM $45

3. Kenwood MC-50 desk mic $45

4.Kenwood MC-80 desk mic $55

8. Heathkit HM-102 HF 200/2KW Power Meter $35 Have manual

9. Collins 75A-3 HF Receiver $250, 160M, 80M, 40M, 20M, 15M, 11M & 10 It is clean and does work.10

10. Johnson KW Matchbox $275

11. Atlas 210X with Digital Display and Astron 20A Power Supply $150. 80 -10 meters, 100W output solid state, very clean, comes with manual. The digital display was factory installed by Herb Johnson W6QKI

Contact: Jim Rinehart, phone: 317 721-1458

Terms: cash & pickup only Can be checked out.


The Marion County ARES Net meets every Wednesday @ 7:30 PM on the 146.700 repeater.

Ten meter activity 8:00 Local time in the SSB band portion around 28.380.

ARES Sunday night HF net at 3.900 MHZ 21:00 hours GMT.

The weekly six meter experimental net is on the 52.7 IPL repeater with tone of 136.5 at 7:30 local time on Thursday nights.

Slow code traffic net. ICN will meet every evening on 3535 Khz at 00:00Z. CW speeds max out at about 13 wpm, feel free to QNI (check in).

The SATERN net is now on every week on Thursdays at 7:00 PM on the 146.880 repeater. No pl tone. All are welcome to sign in.

Two meter simplex net and activity on Sunday nites starting at 7pm local time 146.52 FM then listen at 7:30 146.200 USB or 114.060 CW or 144.165 CW



To be kept up to date on meetings and receive newsletters from the Indianapolis Radio Club, and be a part of the central Indiana Ham community point you browser to ando complete the section under "Subscribing to IRCNews".  Don't worry, your inbox won't be inundated with hundreds of messages, as the IRCNews reflector normally has a very low number of messages, and they most always are relatedto local ham radio news and events.

President: David Spoelstra, N9KT –
Vice Pres.: Dave Miller, K9RTT -
Secretary: Ken Bandy, KJ9B -
Treasurer: Mark Burke, W9MGB -

Directors, Jim Rinehart, K9RU, Jeff Hammer, N9NIC, Jay Kraus, W9TC, and George Taylor, KC9IKD.

W9JP Trustee: Jay Kraus, W9TC -

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