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The DMR repeater is back on the air in Indianapolis. Well just before that the old man ordered a hot spot due to the new normal, too much time and overall attack of news overload leading to a shopping attack. R&L sells the hot spot package and their stuff works so the old man bought one. A small box and TYT radio appeared on the door step. Now this package is not experimental so no need to unscrew, reprogram or mess with anything in the little black box or fret over the radio. The old man didnt order a power supply so the Pi3 power cord was pressed into service. The old man would like to thank the ham in southern Indiana who suggeted the initial conversation with the little black box could be done by turning on the lap top wifi settings window and searching for net works after getting the pi-star web stuff from the UK site. Then he logged into it and entered the needed netgear id and password. Next the accesss control was turned off on the netgear router thus showig the MAC address of the little black box which was entered into the Netgear router and access control turned back on. A screen shot from a former Indiana Ham in florida helped set up the pi-star admin page. Using the guidance from another ham from the repeater council and their page 438.8 was decided on as an operating frequency. Thats about it programming the dual band tyt radio is next. Also for those that want to try here is a future link to an MD380 TYT radio code plug developed by one Indianapolis Radio club member as a good starting point. Also this future link points to the dual band TYT radio MDUV380 code plug developed from radio club input. These code plugs are not gaurenteed to work but should and if errors are found please send them to the radio club. The contact manager software worked well and was used to put contact files into these code plugs.




the old man


Central Indiana Repeater Association News

News about the severe weather repeater!

146.16/76 Repeater is a Yaesu Fusion machine (tone of 151.4 open repeater at present)

The antenna is at 21st and Post Road in Indianapolis at 340 feet running 25 watts out of the duplexer.

For analog radios set the tone squelch to 151.4.

Also the 443.75 is a fusion repeater with 100 Hertz also has a WiresX "Americas Room" connection.

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Marion Co. Severe Weather
Amateur Nets
PRIMARY Frequency:
146.760 Rec. 146.160 Trans. (tone of 151.4 open repeater at present)

Backup Frequency:
146.700 Rec. 146.100 Trans.

70CM Frequency down-linked to 2M.
443.250 Rec. 448.250 Trans*
*requires100.0 Hz tone to down link.


IPL Radio CLub repeater W9IPL

News about the State RACES and WW2IND USS Indianapolis Memorial Station talk in repeater!

146.07/67 Repeater is a Yaesu Fusion machine (tone of 88.5 open repeater at present)

The antenna is at 4190 South Harding Street at 380 feet running 25 watts out of the duplexer.

For analog radios set the tone squelch to 88.5.



WW2IND station location Indiana War Memorial 55E Michigan St,Indianapolis, IN, 46204


QSL policy…  Include your QSL card & SASE to WW2IND, 6041 Copeland Ct., Indpls. IN 46221-4523

The USS Indianapolis (CA35) Amateur Radio Station welcomes anyone wishing to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of an association of persons commonly interested in World Museum Ships on the air event participation, other Ships/Associated On the Air (OTA) events and Amateur Radio.

The purpose of the USS Indianapolis Amateur Radio Station (WW2IND) Club;  shall be to further the exchange of information and cooperation between all interested in these goals and to Promote: the World Museum Ships on the air event participation, while continuing support of the USS Indianapolis Survivors association, the Indianapolis World War memorial, and the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) exhibits.

CA-35 Museum ship operations are conducted from the U.S.S. Indianapolis Memorial, located in the Indiana War Memorial museum on downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

The outdoor monument, which can be viewed anytime, was designated a National Memorial by an act of Congress in 1995.

Indianapolis Memorial station operates during Museum Ships during 1st Weekend June each year on Amateur radio frequencies.

Sponsoring local groups: The local Indianapolis area amateur radio operators, and Indianapolis Radio Club,

For more information, follow these links:

The  Indiana War Memorial Info can be found on www.IN..gov/iwm

Museum Ships Weekend:  http://www.nj2bb.org/museum/index.html

By C.W. Crist - W9IH